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Malcolm Jagamarra Maloney was born in 1955 at Aningie Station, near Central Mt Stuart. Malcolm describes himself as a Lander River Warlpiri. This traditional country is called Wantaparri and is some 60kms west of Willowra in the Tanami Desert. His mother is Minnie Napanangka and his father was Gerry Maloney, an Irish Stockman.

Malcolm spent his early years living a traditional lifestyle on the land. He was taken away by the authorities at the age of 6, for being of mixed descent. It was then he travelled to Adelaide boys school, where he spent his early years in the city. Malcolm was a very successful Aussie Rules player and features in the book "Australia's 200 unsung heroes".

In 1976 Malcolm returned to his homelands and began to learn his culture. He learnt the language of his people, the song, the dance, how to hunt malu and how to paint for ceremony. His principal dreamings are Wana (Snake), Walu (Fire), and Ngapa (Water).He also has family connections with Budgerigar, Seven Sisters and Goanna.

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