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100% Aboriginal owned & operated

On behalf of Aboriginal Australia Art And Culture Centre, we welcome and invite you to share our culture today.

Paul Ah Chee
General Manager

They say we have been here for 40 000 years, but it is much longer -
We have been here since time began.
We have come directly out of the Dreamtime of our creative ancestors -
We have kept the earth as it was on the first day.
Our culture is focused on recording the origins of life.
We refer to forces and powers that created the world as creative ancestors.
Our beautiful world has been created only in accordance with the power, wisdom and intentions of our ancestral beings.

We invite visitors from around the world to share our culture. Our Arrernte community has developed this website, honouring our nation ancestors, law and tradition. We are laying the economic and cultural foundation for our children, Who will be empowered to protect and promote our culture in the future.
australian aboriginal culture

We invite you to support our vision by

* Purchasing Aboriginal Art  for your home, office or school.
* Purchasing and learning to play the Didgeridoo.
* Download Aboriginal music/How to play the didgeridoo MP3
for your Ipod, computer or CD
* Download instantly an Aboriginal Art or Cultural ebook PDF 
(English, French, German)
* Purchasing a Aboriginal language map for your home, office or school.
* Organise a group/school tour to visit our community in Central Australia
* Take an “authentic” Aboriginal tour anywhere throughout Australia
* For schools purchase an Aboriginal Education kit
* Making a donation to the development our Art and Culture Centre.
* Tell a friend, create a link to our site or join our affiliate program.