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Esther Jugadai was born in 1952 at Haast's Bluff, as a young girl she grew up at Haast's Bluff with the community. From 1972 she spent a few years working at the community school. She was Community president for six years, in which time she achieved a great deal, including the establishment of the Ikuntji Women's Centre.

Esther's mother was Bessie Nangala, an Arrernte women from Hermannsburg, and the daughter of Titus Renkaraka. Esther's father was Jimmy Jungarrayi Jugadai who had a Luritja mother and Warlpiri father. Her father's brother is Two Bob Jungarrayi, who paints for Papunya Tula, Nebo Jugadai is also Esthers full sister. Esther paints the Scorpion, Waterhole and Wild Bush Onion Dreaming on canvas in acrylic paint, on paper or fabric ink on t-shirt.

The "AMPIRRKA" Tjukurrpa (Scorpian Dreaming) was held by Esther's father and was first painted in acrylic on the walls of the Ikuntji Community office in the 1970's. The painting was destroyed by fire in 1985 and at Jimmy's request, Esther re-created the Scorpian Dreaming on canvas in 1992. The artwork was displayed in a major exhibiton and toured all Australian capital cities in 1992 / 1993 being later sold at auction to a private collector.

Esther's work is sought after by collectors from around the world.

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