Introduction to Traditional Aboriginal Music

Red Centre Dreaming - Traditional Aboriginal Music Site of Central Australia

We are a Southern Arrernte Aboriginal Tribal group whose homelands are situated 100 kms south of Alice Springs in Central Australia. Since 1995 we have owned and operated the Aboriginal Art and Culture Centre in Alice Springs.

Didgeridoo Our community has been involved in Aboriginal Music for 40,000 years and we would like to now share our knowledge and experience with you.

Music song and dance was and is still today a very important part of Aboriginal life and customs. We had songs for every occasion, hunting songs, funeral songs, gossip songs and songs of ancestors, landscapes, animals, seasons, myths and Dreamtime legends.

In This Section You Can Learn More About

Traditional Aboriginal Music

Aboriginal MusicDidgeridoo Introduction
Songs of the Dreamtime
Ceremony / Corroboree
The Songman
Aboriginal Music Instruments
Aboriginal Rock / Art / Music
Other Ancient Musical Instruments

History of the Didgeridoo

Music Introduction
What Is a Didgeridoo?
Use in Traditional Times
How They Are Naturally Created
Traditional Playing Methods
How Didgeridoo's Are Made
Modern Art on Didgeridoos
Myths About Didgeridoo

How to Play the Didgeridoo
Getting a Sound
Getting a Vocal
Circular Breathing

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