Aboriginal Art & Culture - Alice Springs Australia

Welcome to Alice Springs, Central Australia

For 40,000 years the Alice Springs area has been a traditional "meeting place" for the trading of Aboriginal artifacts, the maintenance and exchange of Aboriginal customs, knowledge and culture and more recently for Aboriginal art.

Courtesy of the Pwerte Marnte Marnte Aboriginal Corporation, the vibrant living culture of the traditional owners, the Arrernte people, can be enjoyed today.

Statement by Pwerte Marnte Marnte Aboriginal Corporation

We are here from the beginning.
We are descendants of the Dreamtime by our creator ancestors.
We kept the land as it was in the early days.
Our culture focuses on the memory of the origins of life.
We refer to the forces and powers that created the world of creative ancestors.
Our magnificent world was created only by the power, wisdom and intentions of our ancestral beings.

We invite our visitors from around the world to share our culture. Our community, Arrernte, has developed this website, honoring our nation's ancestors, law and traditions.

We are building the economic and cultural foundations to bequeathed to our children who will have the strength to protect and promote our culture in the future.

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We are proud of the fact the our interactive Didgeridoo School was one of the first sites in the world to feature online Didgeridoo lessons.

Learn how didgeridoos are made, and how they are used in traditional culture.

Thank you for supporting our Community’s vision.